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We hope you enjoy everything you order from us, but if something isn't quite right, you have 28 days to send it back to us.  

We will provide you with a full refund in the same way you are used to paying, the cost of the refund will be taken from the original payment (25 EUR). We ask that the goods be returned clean, unworn and have all their tags.  

Cosmetics and skin care products cannot be returned for hygienic reasons.  

 Underpants, bodies and punctured jewelry cannot be returned unless they are faulty and swimsuits must have a hygienic strip.  

 We do not accept returns of clothing purchased in-store through our online return service. However, don't worry!

If you are unable to return your item during the temporary closure of the store, we have extended our return policy to 45 days from the opening of your local store. For updated information on opening hours, please email us at:

How to return:
1. Securely pack your return (in its original packaging where possible) and be sure to attach a completed return form.
 2. We will send you a return form and a return label by mail. We will send a courier to you to pick up the parcel

3. Each order you return will be worth 25EUR. This cost is also applied per order when returning multiple orders in one package. This will be deducted from the return you receive.  
4. Wait for your return confirmation email, which we will send when we process your refund.  

 Please note that it may take up to 14 days for a refund to be received and completed. 

  In the meantime, be sure to keep the receipt as it is your responsibility to return until it reaches us.  

When will you receive my return?  
Your refund will take up to 14 days to reach us and be processed. If it has been longer, please contact customer service with a refund confirmation, e.g. receipt, return receipt.  

 When will I receive a refund?  
You can expect your refund to be processed within 14 days of sending the package back to us. You will be refunded using the same method you chose to pay. We will always send you a refund confirmation email when we receive your refund and process your refund payment.  

PayPal - Your return will be processed as soon as our warehouse receives your return. PayPal will send you a separate email confirming this.

Return Restrictions - Dangerous Goods

About Dangerous Goods
Although fashion is for everyone, some of our cosmetics classified as dangerous goods cannot be delivered to all locations due to transportation restrictions. For example, nail polish, some perfumes and nail polish removers, as well as spray cans under pressure. At the same time, all of our beauty items are tested,   to make sure they are safe to use. 
 This label is used to inform the carrier that the packaging contains flammable substances and has special transportation requirements. 

 If you want to return or exchange items containing flammable substances, you should know that there are special requirements for transportation.  

Please follow these steps:
1. The product must be packaged in a box with the LQ Dangerous goods label attached. If you are using the original box, the label is already attached. If you are using another box or the label is damaged, you will need to print a new one.  
2. Fill the box with paper or filler so that the product sits securely.  
 3. Follow the normal return and exchange procedure specified in your invoice.  

Please note that if you are making a return WITHOUT any dangerous goods, you must remove the LQ Dangerous goods label from  the box

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