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"Luxurious Details: Silk Cuffs with Guipure Lace"



Chic and Stylish in Guipure Lace
Embrace Chic and Stylish Vibes with Guipure Lace
Introducing our stunning guipure crop top, a perfect blend of elegance and fashion-forward style. Crafted with intricate guipure lace, this crop top exudes sophistication and adds a touch of romance to your outfit. Get ready to make a statement with this captivating and stylish piece.



 Wide Long Sleeves with Silk Cuffs for a Luxurious Touch
Elevate Your Style with Wide Long Sleeves and Silk Cuffs
Our crop top features wide long sleeves with delicate silk cuffs, creating a luxurious and refined look. The combination of textures adds depth and visual interest to the garment, while the silk cuffs add a touch of opulence. Experience the perfect balance of comfort and sophistication as you grace any occasion with this exquisite crop top.


Perfect Pairing with Buddy Pants
Effortless Coordination: Pair with Buddy Pants
For a complete ensemble, pair our guipure crop top with buddy pants. This combination exudes modern style and creates a trendy and coordinated look. The contrasting textures and silhouettes of the crop top and buddy pants complement each other, creating a harmonious and fashion-forward outfit that is sure to turn heads.


-guipure crop top
-Wide long sleeves
-silk cuffs
-elegance and style

Women's Longsleeve Lace Top

SKU: TAN04003
€ 150,00 Regular Price
€ 120,00Sale Price
Colore: blu navy


    A navy blue guipure crop top with long sleeves and natural silk cuffs is a great choice for outings while traveling. You can pair it with wide leg pants or a light skirt for an easy and comfortable look for exploring the city or sightseeing. Pair it with sneakers or ballerinas to give the look extra lightness and ease. This top can be easily combined with various elements of the wardrobe and can be used to create different looks while traveling.


    100% COTTON/lining 95% SILK 5% ELASTAN /Medium Ironing/Dry flat/Dry cleaning

    Make sure that your favorite things remain loved for years to come; read our care guide


    Product UPC 019321793478

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