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"Stand Out with Style: Sheer Linen Blouse with Cutout"


Delicate Elegance in Translucent Linen

Embrace Delicate Elegance with Translucent Linen
Introducing our light translucent linen blouse with a captivating cutout. Crafted from sheer and ethereal linen fabric, this blouse adds a touch of romantic charm to any look. Experience the allure and elegance as you don this versatile piece that enhances your style with grace.


Neck Rings for Eye-Catching Appeal


Draw Attention with Neck Rings
Our linen blouse features neck rings that instantly draw attention to the upper part of your silhouette, making it stand out. The unique detail adds a touch of intrigue and creates an eye-catching focal point. Prepare to captivate with this statement-making blouse that effortlessly enhances your overall look.


 Perfectly Shaped Counter Folds



Maintaining Shape with Perfect Counter Folds
Thanks to the fabric's quality and craftsmanship, the counter folds of our blouse maintain their shape perfectly. This ensures that the blouse always looks immaculate and well put together, adding a polished touch to your ensemble. Experience the confidence that comes with wearing a blouse that is designed to impress.



  • light
  • translucent
  • linen
  • blouse
  • cutout
  • rings neck
  • silhouette
  • folds
  • form

Crew Neck Top

SKU: 364115376135191
€ 125,00 Regular Price
€ 106,25Sale Price
Colore: Pink

    This light, translucent linen blouse with a cutout will complement any look, depending on the frankness.Neck rings draw attention to the upper part of the silhouette and make it stand out. Counter folds keep their shape perfectly thanks to the fabric.

    100% linen/Medium Ironing/Dry flat


    Make sure that your favorite things remain loved for years to come; read our care guide

    UPC 019321793591

    Made in Italy

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