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Get to Know Us

My name is Natalia, and I am the founder of a brand of stylish women's clothing for travel. I started traveling many years ago and have visited 20 countries, immersing myself in the diversity of cultures and ways of life. This experience has been an endless source of inspiration for me.

It was through my adventures around the world that I realized the importance of having comfortable, practical, and stylish clothing while traveling. My collection reflects my passion for bright colors and unique prints that remind me of the beauty of the world.

I believe that quality fabrics are the foundation of durable clothing, which is why only the finest materials are used in my designs. When creating each piece, I also adhere to the principles of sustainable fashion, striving for minimal impact on the environment.

Coming from an international family, I have a deep respect for the cultures of different countries. Continuously improving my knowledge in the field of fashion and textiles helps me create unique, functional, and stylish items that accentuate the individuality of every woman and make her journey even brighter and more memorable.

The brand "TANINATALIA" is a reflection of my philosophy and passion for high-quality clothing inspired by various countries and cultures. The name of the brand is derived from my own name and symbolizes my dedication to each garment created.

My collection offers adaptive clothing designed to suit different countries with varying climates. Inspired by the diversity of global cultures, every detail in my designs aims to accentuate the beauty and uniqueness of women across the globe.

I firmly believe that quality begins with the selection of the finest materials, which is why my designs are crafted exclusively from high-quality Italian fabrics. This ensures not only style and comfort, but also the durability of each garment.

The "TANINATALIA" brand invites every woman on an exciting journey through the diversity of global fashion, where quality and style merge with inspiration from different countries and cultures.

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